Image-heavy issue: AI Imagery for RPGs, and how to write good prompts for bots
The digital form of miniature painting, more or less.
The D&D campaign that I’ve been playing in has come to an end. It was the first D&D game (2-3 one-shots at conventions aside) that I’ve played in in…
A list of tools I'm currently using, and some accounting of the costs.
History-as-story vs History-as-complex-system-of-inputs-and-outputs; Spear Throws vs Carrier Bags.
Rambling writing, few conclusions, open to discussion
Fantasy Cows Still Say Moo
Thinking about decision-making in 5th Edition D&D
Very specific tactics for fun and profit.
Mostly about mechanics, this time around.
In which a variety of gaming related stuff is discussed, and the "publish" button is struck before any particular theme emerges.
A druid city, and the thinking behind it. Ruins, a giant tree, an island, a monastery.